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Resilient Mom Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

I am often asked,” Are you in the terrible two’s yet?” My response is always, “Yep. We were there at 11 months and still going strong.”

Tantrums are inevitable and a large part of your child’s development. They can make the most zen-like parent feel helpless and overwhelmed. Today I wanted to share some pointers on identifying what triggers your toddlers tantrums and how to effectively navigate through outbursts.

First Step: Breathe! You are NOT alone. I’m sure if you turn around right now, you would be greeted by an army of frazzled parents just like you.

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Sorry for the dog barking in the end of this podcast....(sigh)...neighbors

Resources Here:

-Mayo Clinic


-What to Expect

- Kids

-Can Do Kiddo

<3 Stay Resilient